Located in Toledo, OH


Pyoor Candles LLC. was founded by Keisha Newton when she decided to create her own candle line. Frequently purchasing candles, she realized this could turn into a hobby. Keisha began to research the art of making candles, the history of candles, innovative concepts to candles and set out to specialize in making natural soy wax candles.

Experimenting formulas, her family and friends were the first to experience Pyoor Candles. After receiving much praise from family and friends on how well her candles smelled, the desire to pursue a candle business was formed and Pyoor Candles was created!

Pyoor Candles’ mission is to provide a healthy candle burning experience. Our goal is to ensure nothing less than a healthy relaxing atmosphere whether its in your home, office or vacation destination.

Take a look around our website and check out a variety of our candle offerings!